MT Counseling is led by Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, Meg Taylor. While Meg specializes in Play Therapy and working with children and their families, she has extensive counseling experience in a wide range of fields. She works with adults and children of all ages and offers the following services.

Family Counseling

In family sessions, we take a look at
how the entire system functions as a whole and how we can make improvements to the system. Each member of the system has a vital role and in family sessions, we will take time to dive into each person and their roles.

Individual Counseling

People often wonder if I only see couples and families because I am a Marriage and Family therapist, but the answer is “No!” I see plenty of individuals. My training just means that we take into account the systems you are a part of as an individual and how to improve them.

Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can be situational or can be something that a person deals with their entire life. In depression and anxiety sessions, we will explore ways to work out of depression and develop tools to overcome anxiety.

Parenting Support

Parenting is a hard job and kids are sometimes difficult to understand. Through our sessions, we will work to find the best solutions for parents and their children who may deal with mental or behavioral issues.

Stress Management

We all experience and deal with stress whether it with work, school, family or friends. In sessions, we will break down why we are feeling stressed and how we can manage it in the moment and at home. In addition,  we will find ways to best take care of ourselves so we don’t feel stressed as often.

Grief Counseling

Everyone experiences grief and everyone experiences grief differently. In our sessions together we will create a personalized plan, created specific to each person, to find ways to best deal with the feelings of grief.

Play Therapy | Children 3 Years and Older

Play is a child’s natural language. It is how they are able to express themselves and communicate effectively until they develop the proper vocabulary to do so. In our sessions, we create a relaxing environment that allows children to express and communicate freely through play.

Corporate or Sports Team Building | Group or Personal Conflict Management

In these sessions or meetings, we will develop plans for individuals or teams on ways to communicate effectively, handle stress, and stay focused.

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